Bakery Party! Cupcake Salon 

Mmm, dessert time! Fire up the oven and get your ingredients together, we're gonna make us some amazing sweet treats! 

Ready to be a cupcake chef? You and your kids can start cooking delicious cakes, cupcakes and other desserts with Bakery Party! Cupcake Salon, a simple but amazing game filled with baking and decorating recipes! Create your very own cupcakes from scratch, bake them in the oven, decorate them with strawberry cream, frosting and sprinkles, then share them with all the kids. Or eat them for yourself!

The best cupcakes are the ones you make on your own, and Bakery Party gives you all the tools you could ever need. Mix sugar, eggs, vanilla cream and other ingredients together, then pour the batter into the cake molds. Bake everything until it's ready, then decorate with frosting recipes, sprinkles, candy, ice cream and more. Kids will have a great time cooking and decorating, and kids of all ages (like yourself) will have fun, too!


- Start your cake baking chef adventures with this recipes app!

- Create and decorate cupcakes from scratch.

- Prepare, mix and bake ingredients like vanilla cream and sugar.

- Make fantastic toppings and designs for your sweets.

- Fun and easy to play, even kids can become real dessert chefs!

How to Play:

- Use the touch screen to choose your chef recipe ingredients.

- Mix everything together and cook it in the oven.

- Choose decorations and add them to your cupcakes!

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