Covet Fashion Dressup

Do you want to be a fashion guru? Shopping Mania!

Are you satisfied with your appearance now? Or you like your style? Kathy is a lucky dog who is chosen to join Covet Fashion Beauty Program to do a star transformation from head to toes. Do you want to help Kathy to look better? Please join us. Express your unique style in Kathy's case. Let's start from here.
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See you in HEATS&HUGS Covet Fashion...

Product Features:
-Pick up the call to take the chance to beauty program
-Get up ready to Covet Fashion Salon do registration
-Get a relax spa before all the fashion work start
-Take off your spectacles before fancy makeup work
-Choose the tons of trendiest outfits for your new look
-Nails always can't be ignored for your overall style
-Take a photo to show out the fresh you
-Compare the old you with the new you

And so much more! Come on and join us to HUGS Season Sales.


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