Crazy Shopping Mall Girl

HUGS & HEARTS Shopping Day. Buy everything you want at the mall!

Big News! Big News!Big News! H&H mall is on sale. All stuff is on 50% off or even more. You can't miss the chance as a shopaholic. Check your wardrobe which style dress you are short and list out them. The crowd already surround the mall. Let's start shopping now. Shopping is girl's privilege. Would you fight for the last piece item? Bring your MasterCard together into this fashion trend. 
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See you in HEATS&HUGS Shopping Mall Girls...

Product Features:
-Four characters are waiting for your schedule
-Choose tons of cosmetics to create your style
-Try on bling bling jewelry to highlight your makeup
-Dressup and shop what is short in your wardrobe
-Check your shopping list and put them into cart
-Don't forget to pay your bill before leaving the mall
-Take a photo to show your friend your fighting result


And so much more! Come on and join us to HUGS Season Sales.

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